5 Ways That Your Pet Can Benefit from CBD

5 Ways That Your Pet Can Benefit from CBD

Most people are aware of the benefits of cannabis in humans but many people don’t know that it can be helpful for animals as well. Dogs, cats and even other pets can benefit from the use of CBD in their everyday life.

In a lot of cases owners may use CBD as a supplement to medications or even as a replacement for it, as it can be much cheaper and easier to access. It can also be used to treat ailments or conditions that may not require medication yet but are still lowering their quality of life.

A quick note before we get into it. While CBD can be very beneficial for animals, THC typically is not. Therefore it is very important to remember that when you are purchasing cannabis products for your pets, to make sure that they only contain CBD and that they are designed for pets specifically. 

If your pet happens to get into any cannabis products designed for humans, contact your vet immediately and see if action needs to be taken.

With that out of the way, here are five ways that your pet could benefit from using CBD.

1. Anxiety and Stress Management

Lots of owners love CBD for its anxiety-reducing effects on their pets. CBD products can be used for continued stress management like separation anxiety or obsessive behaviors. Giving them a dose or two everyday, usually with their meals, will help to reduce that anxiety and calm them down

It can also be used for singular instances of high anxiety, like thunderstorms or fireworks. If you have any kind of advanced warning of these situations then it’s best if you start to give them doses beforehand so it has time to get into their system and start working. 

2. Pain Relief

Like for humans, CBD can be a great pain management tool for your pets. It can be helpful in instances of injury surgery recovery when they could be in pain for while they recover. 

It’s also used a lot in situations of chronic pain, like arthritis, for example. Many older pets that have a hard time getting around and are in a lot of pain when they do, can really benefit from CBD. It gets them moving and keeps them comfortable, allowing them to continue to enjoy all of their favorite things.

3. Anti-inflammatory Effects

CBD has also been shown to decrease inflammation in pets. Things like skin disorders, allergies and other inflammatory conditions can be reduced and even completely removed by adding CBD to their diet. It can also help to reduce temporary inflammation like post surgery inflammation or hot spots.

CBD can also be helpful in these situations when applied topically. Typically it’s consumed orally by pets, but applying a tincture to a specific area of inflammation can also help to bring it down and keep your pet comfortable. 

Just be aware that many pet tinctures are flavored, so your furry friend might want to lick it off. It’s completely safe to consume but, it might be a good idea to just keep an eye on them so they don’t aggravate the inflammation any more.

4. Management of Seizures and Epilepsy

There has been research and some anecdotal evidence to suggest that regular use of CBD can help owners to manage their pet’s seizures. It’s been reported that giving your pets CBD regularly can help to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures.

Most owners will choose to use CBD in conjunction with another medication as the research has not been extensive enough to remove the prescribed medication entirely. Always make sure that you are in contact with your veterinarian regarding any changes or additions to your pets medication.

5. Cancer Symptom Management

While CBD will not cure your pets cancer, it can certainly help them feel better and manage the side effects of their treatment. Humans actually use CBD and other cannabis products in a similar way during radiation and chemotherapy treatments. 

Many owners have reported that using CBD alongside their pets cancer treatment helped to manage their cancer symptoms as well as the side effects of the treatment. It’s helped to mitigate symptoms like pain, nausea, and even loss of appetite. 

As always consult with your vet before making any big changes to your pets medication and treatment.


We all love our pets and consider them to be part of the family, therefore, we want to make sure that our furry friends are feeling the best that they can. CBD is just one way that we can do that for them.

If you’re thinking of giving CBD a try for your pet, then come on down to NatureMed and we’ll make sure that you have everything that you’re going to need.

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A Spotlight on Black-Owned Brands

A Spotlight on Black-Owned Brands

As part of our celebration of Black History Month we not only want to talk about the black community’s contribution to the cannabis industry but we also want to highlight some of the Black Owned Brands that we carry here at NatureMed.

Learn More: The Intersection of Cannabis and Black History

Not only was black culture instrumental in shaping the framework of the cannabis industry but members of the Black Community have been involved with and working with Cannabis since it came to America.

From the first cultivation of cannabis in this country, to it’s popularization during the jazz era, to the more recent legacy cultivation and market – as the industry and the culture changed and evolved, members of the Black Community were right there on the forefront.

Therefore it’s no surprise that some of our favorite brands are Black-owned.

We would like to showcase those brands for you and give you a little insight into their products, their processes and their goals.

Tree Junkee

The first brand that we want to highlight is Tree Junkee! Tree Junkee specializes in flower and has their own cultivation facility right here in Arizona. 

Tree Junkee prides themselves on their unique, hand-picked strains and their ability to produce a high-quality product through “giving care and compassion to the product throughout its growing process”

And with great flower and strains like Strawnana and Koala Cookies you’re bound to find something that you like over at Tree Junkee.

Hello! Live Resin

The next brand we would like to showcase is Hello! Live Resin! They specialize in high quality live resin disposables. Hello! Live Resin works hard to ensure that they are only cultivating premium cannabis and genetics to create their products.

After harvesting their cannabis plants are flash frozen, preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids. This allows them to create their high quality products. 

Hello! Live Resin “strives to provide cannabis enthusiasts with products that offer a superior entourage effect [and] are committed to delivering a holistic and elevated cannabis experience.” 


Here at NatureMed we are proud to carry these amazing black-owned brands. If you’re looking for some black owned businesses to support this month then we hope that you take some of our suggestions!

You can check out the rest of our menu to see what else we have to offer and if you’re looking to save, check out our specials page.


A Valentine Guide for the Cannabis Lover

A Valentine Guide for the Cannabis Lover

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re looking for ideas on how to show the weed lover in your life that you care, then you’ve come to the right place! We have collected some gift/date ideas that can help you incorporate cannabis into your special day.


If you’re looking for something to gift your partner then you may want to consider getting them some new smoking accessories. 

Take a look at what they have now, is there something that needs to be replaced? Are there pieces that could use an upgrade? Is there something they use a lot? Consider making that a part of their gift. It’ll show that you’re paying attention and are attuned to their needs. 

You can go with something bigger like a new bong, rolling tray, etc. or something smaller to add to a gift, like a new lighter or grinder. 

If you have the time and the means, you can even take the opportunity to get some of their new accessories customized for your partner just to give it that little extra personal touch.

Infused Mocktail

Making you and your partner specialty drinks is a Valentine’s Day staple and you can pretty easily add cannabis to your favorite recipe to give that little something extra. 

Making an Infused Mocktail is actually pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot of mixology skills. Simply find a mocktail recipe you like and after it’s all mixed together add a little bit of THC or CBD tincture. If you don’t want to use tinctures you can instead get an already infused beverage like a seltzer and add that to your mocktail recipe.


Please remember to be mindful of the dosages on the cannabis products that you’re using. Tincture in particular can have a high THC content so just be aware of how much you’re using in drink.

Infused Dinner 

You can take the idea of an infused mocktail and take it a step further and do a whole infused dinner. This will likely end up taking significantly more prep than the drinks but if you have the time and the ability, it will definitely be worth it. 

There are a number of ways that you can cook with cannabis and you can use any or all of them in your cooking. You can make or purchase products like cannabutter or cannabis oil to add to whatever dish you’re making. 

You can also add things like tinctures or dissolvables to your ingredients if you want a little more flexibility with your recipe.

Additionally, if you don’t want to do that cooking yourself, you can go out to an infused dinner, a quick google search can show you what events are happening in your area. 

There are even companies that you can hire that will send a chef to your house and cook an infused meal for you. Those can be on the pricier side but the cost might be worth it for a special occasion.

Bath Products

There is nothing more relaxing and romantic to some than a nice, long bubble bath. Whether it’s a solo bath to give your partner some alone time or it’s something for you to enjoy together, you can always add a cannabis element to it. 

You can find things like bath bombs and bath salts that are infused with CBD that will make a great addition to any Valentine’s Day bath. While it won’t get you high in the way that THC products will, it can be very relaxing and the perfect addition to a bath.

Bath Products

Learn More: A Starter Guide to Topicals, Bath Products

Chocolate or Candy

Your partner’s favorite chocolate or candy has long been a staple in any Valentine’s Day celebration so why not give them something with a little something extra in it. 

Cannabis infused chocolate and candy have become much more popular in the last few years and they make the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

You want to do a little something extra, you can melt the chocolate down and make chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, or really anything else you would like. You can also take that melted chocolate and put it into a shaped mold to give the treat a little extra personal touch.


You can’t go wrong with flowers on Valentine’s Day but no one said what kind of flowers you had to get. In our opinion, a jar or bag of flower is just as good as a bouquet, maybe even better. 

Valentine’s Day is the day to really go all out. Try that one strain you’ve been hearing about but haven’t had the chance to smoke. Get that high end brand that you only save for special occasions. Make sure that your Valentine’s High is the best that you can get!

Bouquet of Flower

No matter what you’re planning on doing this February 14th, if it’s cannabis related then NatureMed’s got you covered. Stop by soon and pick up everything you’re going to need for the big day.

check out our online menu to see everything we have to offer and check our specials page to see the ways you can save.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at NatureMed.


A Starter Guide to Topicals

A Starter Guide to Topicals

Cannabis can be used in so many different ways and not all of them require the user to consume it. Topicals are a great way to experience the benefits of cannabis but you’re not looking to feel that high. 

How do Topicals Work?

Topicals work the same way that other forms of cannabis do, by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a biological system that plays an important role in regulating certain physiological processes, including mood, appetite, sleep, immune response, and pain perception.

There are endocannabinoid receptors found all over the body, including in the skin. When topicals are applied, they are able to interact with those receptors in your skin and allow you to feel the effects of the cannabinoids. 

The reason why most topicals don’t get you high is that the cannabinoids are only affecting the receptors in the area that you applied the topical to. Your skin keeps the cannabinoids from being absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore keeping the effects local to only that area.

Types of Topicals 

If you feel like you might benefit from using topicals, then you’re in luck! There are a number of different options when it comes to topical products so you’re bound to find something that will get you what you’re looking for.

Cream and Lotion

Creams and lotions are popular cannabis topicals that combine cannabinoids like CBD and THC with traditional skincare ingredients to create something that can be easily applied to the skin.

With these topicals, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin and are often used for targeted relief. People will usually use these to address things like muscle soreness or joint pain.

Balm and Salve

Balms and Salves are similar to creams and lotions in the way that they are applied and the benefits that they have. However, their consistency is thicker, sometimes closer to a wax. 

This consistency means that the product generally sits on top of the skin and forms a barrier for it, allowing the cannabinoids to sit against the skin for longer. This is why, in addition to localized pain relief, balms and salves are often used to treat skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis


For people who are on the go or are looking to cover a larger area, quicker, then sprays might be the better option. 

Sprays usually aren’t as heavy as lotions or salves so they usually dry quicker. Also they would be a good choice for people who aren’t looking to add extra oil or grease to their skin. 

Additionally, they generally contain some kind of alcohol which allows it to absorb into the skin quicker and start giving you that relief as soon as possible.

Bath Products

Cannabis infused baths products are starting to get more popular and are good for more general relief, rather than localized like lotions or sprays. 

You can typically find things like infused bath bombs, soaks, bath salts and more. They’ll also usually contain other beneficial ingredients like essential oils to really give you that calming, relaxing experience.

One thing about bath products is that they can cost just as much as some other topicals but can be used up much faster. They are still a great option to meet specific needs but they might not be the most cost effective.

Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are a little bit unique among topicals because users can actually feel psychoactive effects when applied. 

These patches contain an enhancer that allows the cannabinoids to penetrate the skin and actually reach the bloodstream, which will in term make you feel that high. 

They are also designed to release the cannabinoids over a longer period of time, which gives a more extended relief to the user.


Topical oils are a good, versatile option that can be used in a number of different ways. There are massage oils that will help to give that little extra boost to an already therapeutic treatment. 

You can also take that cannabis oil and add it to things that you already use. Is there a lotion or a cream you like? Go ahead and add a couple of drops to make it that much more helpful. Just make sure that you are mindful of the ingredients and dosages when you are mixing things at home.

There are also recipes that you can use to make your own cannabis oil from flower, at home. There are dozens of recipes online that you can use if you’re looking to make your own topicals.


Topicals are a great option for someone looking to experience the benefits of cannabis without needing to also get high. If you’re looking to give topicals a try, then NatureMed is here to get you everything you need.

Check out our topicals menu to see what we have to offer and our specials page to see the ways you can save.