5 Things to do with a THC Distillate Syringe

5 Things to do with a THC Distillate Syringe

Whether you’ve been using cannabis products for a while or you’re just looking into getting started, you’ve probably seen or heard someone talking about distillate. Distillate is a fairly potent cannabis concentrate that comes in a liquid form, usually in a syringe.

 If you’re not as familiar with distillate, you may be questioning what someone might use it for. Lucky for you, we have some answers. Here are 5 things you can do with a distillate syringe.

1. Fill or refill your vape pens.

Did you know that the concentrate that comes in vape cartridges is a distillate? It’s because of this that so many people like to purchase their own distillate and make their own carts.

You can buy refillable cartridges and fill those with whatever distillate you like or there are some vape pens that allow you to insert the distillate directly. 

Many people like filling their own cartridges because they can make sure they are getting the exact type of distillate & terpenes they want and some say that it also saves them money and keeps them from having to continually buy new disposable cartridges. This is always a great way to be sustainable and reduce product waste. 

2. Mix with food or make your own edibles 

Another popular way to consume distillate is mixing it into food. There are a couple of different ways to do it and what works for you is going to depend on how much work you want to put in.

You can mix it in with already prepared food like soups, spreads, drinks or really anything you can think of. You can also mix it into your food as you’re preparing it. You can add a few drops to a batter before baking, into some dressing for your salad or into a condiment your adding to your sandwich. 

Mixing your distillate into food is a good way to change up your cannabis consumption and try something different.

3. Use it as a topical

One way that you can use distillate without needing to actually consume it, is to use it topically. CBD and THC products have been used for a long time to help with all different types of pain and you can use distillate in the same way.

You can just apply the distillate directly to the affected areas for best results we recommend mixing it with a lotion or an oil and apply that. 

Applying it directly can sometimes help to ease the pain fast and use less product but mixing into a lotion can make it easier to take on the go and can help to counteract any unwanted smells the distillate may have.

No one method is better than the other, it’s simply a matter of preference.

4. Add distillate to a blunt or a joint

If you want to add a little something extra to whatever you’re smoking, just add a drop or two of distillate. 


You can add a couple of drops to your joint or blunt before you roll it to give it that little extra kick. You can add it to your flower or ever to the wrapper, whatever your preference is.


This is a popular method of consuming distillate because it doesn’t require a lot of extra work and it enhances the joint or blunt you were already planning on smoking.


5. Drop directly under the tongue


One of the more basic ways to consume distillate is drop it directly under your tongue like you would a tincture. This method of consumption will help you to feel the effects faster because it allows it to enter your bloodstream much quicker. 


It will also have a much larger effect than a traditional tincture because it’s a much more concentrated dose.


Just as a word of warning, if you’ve never consumed distillate or concentrates of any kind before, use caution when trying them for the first time. They contain a much more concentrated dose than you may be used to so go slow and be mindful of your dosage until you have a good understanding of how it will affect you.



Distillate is a very versatile form of cannabis and we hope that we have sparked a few ideas on how you might want to consume it the next time you sit down for a sesh’.


If you’re looking to get some for yourself, NatureMed has a lot of different options for you. Come on down and check it out, we’ll make sure you get what you need. Here is a link to our distillate menu and our specials page to see the ways you can save.



How To Have a Cannabis Influenced Halloween

How to Have a Cannabis Influenced Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated and loved by so many people. For some it’s a day of costumes and candy, for others it’s a night of parties. If you’re here, it probably means that you’re looking to add a little cannabis into the mix, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Just as a reminder, with all of the food and candy around on Halloween, make sure that any and all medicated products are kept separate and in a place that they can’t be accidentally consumed. While Halloween is very popular for children, everything that we are talking about here is most definitely NOT for kids and should only be tried by those who are over 21.

Try a cannabis themed costume

A super easy way to bring cannabis into your halloween celebrations is to find yourself a weed-themed costume. Just a quick search will yield you dozens of ideas. From the girl scout parody “Brownie Scout” to the punny plant headed, “Pot Head” costume, there are so many options for you to choose from. 

You can take it literally, and dress as a marijuana leaf or a joint or you can get a little more creative and dress as your favorite cannabis related pun.

The great part about this is you can put in as much work as you want. You can buy a premade costume, take inspiration from what you find online or come up with something entirely on your own. 

It’s also a good way to incorporate cannabis into a Halloween event where others are maybe not as keen on medicating as you are.

Kick back with some spooky strains

Get into the spirit by trying out some Halloween themed strains. There are a number of strains that have some spooky names that can help you get into the spirit. 

Bringing along some strains like Frankenberry, Ghost Train Haze and Voodoo are sure to add the right atmosphere to your party (NatureMed has a particularly good Ghost OG if you’re looking). 

Add some medicated treats to the snack table

If you find yourself at an adults-only Halloween party you can spice up the snack table with some medicated goodies. 

With a little bit of extra work you can give any treats you buy a spooky makeover and customize them to fit the Halloween theme. Try adding some orange and black frosting to a medicated brownie or melting some infused dark chocolate over a batch of cookies. You can also mix up some cannabis cocktails using some infused beverages.

As always, check with your host before bringing anything medicated and make sure that any snacks or drinks containing cannabis are clearly labeled to avoid confusion.

Light up, before going out

There are some Fall and Halloween staples that are fan favorites every year. Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes, and more are fun activities that you can do with friends and family to get into the holiday spirit. 

These events and experiences can be enhanced by medicating beforehand. Having one of your favorite types of edible or a couple of puffs off your go-to vape can take any experience up a notch and may even enhance the Halloween vibes of whatever you’re doing.

Another quick reminder, make sure to check on the rules for experiences you’re planning on attending. Be sure that you are abiding by any rules pertaining to smoking or controlled substances.

However you decide to celebrate, all of us over here at NatureMed are wishing you a fun and  safe Halloween! And if you’re looking to add a little something extra to your celebrations, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our online menu and our specials page to see the ways you can save.


Breaking Down Cannabis Culture in Arizona

Breaking Down Cannabis Culture in Arizona

Since 2010 with the legalization of medical marijuana, through the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2020 and beyond, the culture surrounding cannabis in Arizona has changed quite a bit. 

From the way that it is cultivated and distributed, to the way that it’s consumed, to people’s views and opinions on it cannabis has come a long way in the last few years.

Learn More: A Journey Through Time: Cannabis and Cannabis Usage in Arizona 

Like so many places, prior to legalization, there was already a thriving culture of cannabis in Arizona as well as an already established market. 

This legacy market involved the illicit cultivation, distribution, and consumption of marijuana. While it was not like the seedy back alley dealings that are seen in the media, it was not like the large operations that we see today. Growing and cultivating took place in people’s homes and on private property, and distribution relied on word of mouth advertising and interpersonal relationships.

This community, while illegal at the time, set the stage and laid the groundwork for the cannabis industry that we have today. 


By the time we reach 2010, we begin to see the efforts of the cannabis community come to fruition. After being rejected 2002, Proposition 203 (the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act), was approved, legalizing marijuana medical usage. 


Soon after, Arizonians began applying for medical marijuana cards, making cannabis much more widely and legally accessible than before. This began to bring the cannabis community out from underground and into a more public setting. In the eyes of some, its legality made it more acceptable.


Additionally, with the legalization being focused on medical usage, more people began to see cannabis in a different light. For some people, it was no longer an “illicit substance” with negative connotations, now it was something that was helping people and giving them the relief that they needed.


However, all opinions from the general public were not changed overnight. A number of lawsuits were filed in an effort to reject or overturn the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. So while the laws had changed, the use of cannabis, even medically, was still stigmatized. 

As is often seen in these types of situations, laws influence opinion and opinion influences laws. Slowly but surely enough support was gained for the legalization of recreational marijuana to be brought to the people for a vote. Proposition 205 was rejected in 2016 but finally passed in 2020. 


This change in legislation marks another shift in the cannabis community. Marijuana is now easily available to more people than ever in the state of Arizona. This does a lot to help public opinion and to change to conversation around cannabis.


With it so readily available, the chances of a person knowing someone who used cannabis went up. For those who still continued to look down on the cannabis community, it allowed them to see cannabis users as real people in their lives and not just this caricature of a stoner that had been shown to them in the media.

This takes up to the current climate surrounding cannabis in Arizona. Marijuana is now as accessible as it’s been in recent history and the conversation around cannabis has been shifting into a more positive light.

Like any regulated substance, there are going to be a lot of varying opinions coming from a lot of different places but the cannabis community here in Arizona has put in a lot of work and made a lot of progress when it comes to its perception.

NatureMed is proud to be a part of the cannabis community here in Tucson and in Arizona as a whole. Whether you’re just starting out or have been here since the beginning, we are here to help you feel better.

Here is a link to our online menu and our specials page to see the ways you can save.


A Starter Guide to Concentrates

A Starter Guide to Concentrates

Concentrates are a popular way that a lot of people consume cannabis, however it can get overwhelming, trying to figure out all of the different types of concentrates. To make it a little easier, we’ve put together an introduction to the most common types of concentrates you might encounter. 


As the name suggests, Shatter has a brittle, glass-like look to it that will crack or “shatter” like glass when broken. This concentrate is made using solvents like butane or CO2 to extract the desired compounds from the plant. Afterwards, the solvents are processed or evaporated to remove them, leaving only the concentrate behind

Typically, Shatter is consumed by dabbing, where a small piece is broken off, heated and vaporized using a dab rig or something similar.


Crumble is a concentrate that’s similar to shatter but with a dryer, more crumbly consistency, giving it its name. Crumble is another concentrate that’s made using solvents, in this case, specifically butane.

Crumble can also be consumed through dabbing but is also often on top of or mixed with flower to add to the smoking experience. 


Batter, also known as Badder, is a concentrate with a thick, whipped consistency that often resembles frosting or cake batter, hence the name.

Batter is produced similarly to crumble, however, during the process of purging the solvents from the concentrate, it is mixed or whipped to give it the texture and consistency it’s known for. 

It’s like many other concentrates in that it’s often consumed through dabbing or vaporizers that are designed for concentrates.


Another type of concentrate that you might come across is Wax. Like the name suggests, this type of concentrate has a texture and feel similar to that of beeswax. 

Like Shatter or Crumble, Wax is another type of concentrate that is extracted using solvents. Similar to Batter, Wax gets its thicker, soft consistency from having air whipped into it during production.

 Wax is another concentrate that is commonly consumed through dabbing or vaporizing. 


Resin is another term you may come across when talking about concentrates. It’s a broader term that can be used to describe a few different types of concentrates, ranging from from a more viscous type liquid to a more solid syrupy concentrate.

One of the more common types of Resin is Cured Resin. The process to make Cured Resin involves drying and curing the cannabis plant. After harvest, the plants are hung and dried slowly over a period of time before the concentrates are extracted.

Another popular Resin is Live Resin. Live Resin is made by freezing the plant before extraction, instead of drying it. Freezing it like that preserves the terpenes that would typically be lost during the drying process.

Resin can be consumed a number of ways, including dabbing and vaping or it can be added to joints as well. 


Rosin is a popular concentrate that is very versatile. It’s a solventless concentrate that’s made by applying heat and pressure to the flower, forcing the oil out. This ease of production makes Rosin a popular concentrate to produce at home. 

Depending on the Rosin, it can range from a more liquidy consistency to a thicker, almost taffy-like texture.

Similar to Resin, Rosin can be consumed in a number of different ways, people often use it for dabbing or vaping and it’s even sometimes added to joints.


There are so many different types and variations of concentrates but we hope that this little taste has given you a good idea of what to expect when trying out this particular cannabis product.

As always, NatureMed is here for all of you concentrate-related questions. Remember to consume responsibly and be mindful of dosages. Here is a link to our online concentrate menu and our specials page to see the ways you can save.