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A Starter Guide to Edibles

A Starter Guide to Edibles

Edibles are a pretty common way to consume cannabis and is sometimes the choice method for people who have issues or concerns inhaling smoke. 

They travel well and are a discreet way of medicating while in public or in social settings. They can also give a more prolonged, more intense high, depending on the edible. 

Additionally, there is a wide variety of dosages that you can choose from depending on what you’re looking for. There are micro-dose edibles that can be between 3-5 mg per piece or macro-dose that can be as much as 50 mg per piece (or even more). 

Most commonly, however, you’re probably going to 10 mg per serving as the standard.

If you’re looking to try some edibles for the first time or just expand your repertoire, we’re here to give you all the information you need on all of the different types of edibles you’ll find. 

Gummy Candy

One of the most common types of edibles you’re probably going to run into are Gummies. These are cannabis infused gummy candy that come in a variety of sizes, flavors and dosages.

They’re popular because they are small and portable and they’re easy to split if you’re looking for a smaller dosage. There’s also a higher chance that you’re going to find something that you’ll like, flavor or dosage wise, because there are so many options

Hard Candy

Hard candy edibles are another popular type of edible you’ll find. They come in a number of different forms, like lollypop, mints, lozenges, and more. They also come in a variety of flavors and dosages so you’ll always be able to find your preferred candy. 

Something different about hard candies is the way that you absorb the THC from them. Because the THC is being absorbed through your mouth instead of your stomach, you’ll typically feel the effects faster and for longer.

Baked Goods 

What many people think of edibles they probably think of “weed brownies” and while that is still a very popular treat, cannabis infused baked goods have expanded beyond that. There’s cookies, cakes, cereal treats, and more. Whatever you’re looking for there’s probably a medical version of it.

Baked goods are also pretty popular because they come in pretty high dosage servings and you can decide for yourself how you want to consume it.

Break it up into tiny pieces? You can do that. Split one with some friends? You certainly can. Eat the whole thing yourself? We don’t recommend doing that on your first go around but that’s an option too!

Savory Snacks

Pretty much everything we’ve talked about so far has been a sweet treat of some kind but if sweet isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From pretzels to popcorn to BBQ Sauce and dips, there are so many options to satisfy that savory craving. 

These are also a great option to consider for people who need to watch how much sugar they eat. You can still enjoy the benefits of edibles without having to compromise certain aspects of your diet. 

Infused Drinks

Something else that we are starting to see more often are infused drinks. These are seltzers, juices, teas, or other beverages that have been infused with THC or CBD. You can either drink an infused beverage straight or mix it with something else. 

Seltzers and juices go well with mixers and make delicious, cannabis infused cocktails. You can take infused tea or coffee with you breakfast to mellow out your morning or pour either one over ice to keep you going all day. 

Infused drinks are also an alternative to alcohol that will have you feeling good, without that hangover to deal with in the morning.


Speaking of mixing things, you don’t alway have to buy your edibles completely made for you. You can get infused ingredients to mix into whatever you’re making. 

There are cannabis oils and butters that you can add into your cooking or baking to give them a little something extra. They are also infused syrups that you can add on top of food or into drinks. 

If you don’t want anything that will interfere with the taste or texture of your food there are dissolvables that will mix into most things and leave next to no trace, except for whatever you feel after eating it.


There are so many options when it comes to edibles, that there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to give edibles a try or you want to try something new, NatureMed is here to help.

Stop by and we’ll be here to help you with anything you need. Here is a link to our edibles menu and our specials page to see the ways you can save.